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Fender 60s jazz bass

fender classic series 60s jazz bass – $400

Date: 2011-06-19

Fender 60s jazz bass

Based off a 1960s jazz bass , great bass , love the tone out of it , These are 800$ new.

The condition is very good, the body I really don’t see any dings I looked and there maybe a few light ones I missed. Also there are light scratches but nothing major all could be buffed out. No dust or grime anywhere, even the bridge is clean with no dust in even the hard to reach areas. It’s been well cared for.

The neck is pretty clean on the front and the frets are in awesome shape. However on the back by the tuning machines the clear coat looks like it cracked in an area and flaked off, this was my uncle’s bass and it’s been that way for the 2 years he has had it. I removed the tuner there is no crack, I am guessing the finish there just lifted up for some reason. But this bass looks awesome.

There is also a small nick a on the back.

400$ FIRM

60`s jazz

Fender 60s jazz bass Fender 60s jazz bass