I traded my Marshall amp for this bass a while ago. Even though the Explorer bass plays perfectly fine, it turns out that I’m more into the Fender style bass bodies than the more dramatic Explorer style.

I’m putting my bass up for trade or for sale (whichever works best for you).

The body is made of Korina (much like the 1950’s Gibson Explorers were). It has a 34″ scale, strong pickups with lots of tone variance, and has great action.

It’s the “limited edition” model – though I’m really not sure what that means. The color is Alpine white, not the yellow-ish white you see on other guitars. All of the hardware is gold – which REALLY stands out nicely against the white body.

It has a brass nut. The brass gives the bass more clarity and seemingly more sustain. The neck profile is thin and fast. Those with smaller hands will love the feel. It’s a lot more comfortable than a Precision or a Jazz bass.