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Epic Ibanez bass


Epic Ibanez bass. Perfect condition. Durable case and strap included. – $300

Date: 2010-06-18,


Ibanez SoundGear SRX2EX2. This is a beautiful guitar. I actually got hit with some money issues and need to sell it for rent 🙁 It’s got very clean sounding active pickups with a full battery (also sound great with chunky distortion). It has a very smooth good looking neck. The strings on it now were an expensive custom set, they are great sounding and not too harsh on the fingers, but at the same time with give you some beastly calluses cause I have a really thick E string (since it’s only a four string and I play mostly metal, I needed something that could handle it in C and even works in A). It comes with a black and white fabric skull strap with blue eyes, and a sturdy durable foam case with hard inner shell. The guitar is over $400 and used. I bought it brand new on holiday sale for $400. The case was $85 and the strap was 15 bucks. I’m asking $300 for all of it OBO
The guitar has been barely used, only by me, and is in near perfect condition. No scratches or dents. I’ve had it for over a year and only pick it up about once a month.
For $439.99 OBO overall I will throw in my ‘Acoustic’ bass amp and a long durable cord. Very nice sounding amp. Only a 20 watt but it’s knee high and will rumble hanging deco off of your walls. Was a little over $200 and bought brand new, now goes for about $250 new. The cord was about $19.99.

$740 value overall.