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Egnater Tourmaster 4100 Half Stack W/ Matching Speaker Cab – $1500


Date: 2010-05-29, :


Egnater Tourmaster Head with its matching straight cab loaded with celestion vintage 30’s . If you dont know about this amp look it up on the egnater website or youtube reviews and check out the features. Awesome amp and well cared for and its about a year old. Purchased Brand new for 1400.00 and the cab was 599.00. Here’s some fluff from their website. I am willing to sell it seperate also if you just want the head.

TOURMASTER is our flagship amp with four distinct channels of all-tube tone that give you the power to conjure virtually any sound imaginable from country twang, bluesy breakup, raunchy crunch to metallic roar.

You get all this versatility with straight-forward, user-friendly controls that make it easy to find the tone in your head. Clean/Vintage 1 is the cleanest channel, while Clean/Vintage 2 loosens the reigns a bit, responding with smooth, buttery overdrive when pushed. Overdrive 1 is the ultimate crunch channel, articulate and percussive with a powerful thump you can feel. And when you crave serious gain for the fattest leads and most over-the-top riffs, Overdrive 2 has all you need and more.
All four channels feature 3-band EQ, gain, volume, contour knobs and a switch for modern / classic voicing. Master reverb, presence and density controls cover all channels. Tourmaster features Egnater’s exclusive Power Grid, which allows you to independently set each channel’s wattage from 10 to 100 watts.

With the Power Grid you get the best of both words – great power tube distortion at lower levels and tons of clean headroom on demand. Tube-driven reverb, a channel-assignable, tube-buffered effects loop, speaker simulated line out and simple master bias adjust with test points are just some of the features you’ll find in this feature-packed beast.

100-Watt All-Tube Head
Four Channels with Selectable Voicing
Power Grid: Set Wattage for Each Channel from 10w to 100w
Tube-Driven Assignable Effects Loop
Tube-Driven Reverb
Rugged Six-Button Footswitch
Four Independent Channels Each With:
— Gain Control
— Master Control
— Treble, Middle, Bass
— Classic/Modern Voicing Switch
Tube-Driven Reverb
Master Presence/Density
Assignable Tube-Driven Effects Loop
— Assign to Channels 1&2
— Assign to Channels 3&4
— Assign to all Four Channels
— Assign to Pedal Only
— Send and Return Level Controls
— Selectable Series or Parallel
Cabinet Voiced Line/Recording Out
Simple Master Bias Adjust with Test Points

8 x ECC83S
4 x 6L6

The Tourmaster Power Grid™ allows you to independently set the wattage on each of the four channels: • At full power: 25, 50 or 100 watts • At half power: 10, 25 or 50 Watts

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