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Dean Custom Bass guitar

SIGNED Dean Custom Bass guitar

Date: 2011-12-31

3 DBZ guitars signed by Dean Zelinsky (the man behind Dean guitars) himself! They’re both almost brand-new, with less than an hour of playtime on them each. This Bass plays like a dream,Totally Bummed to be selling but  I’m selling them because I need the money more than I need the guitars.Sad But true the economy has put a hurt on my style

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Dean Razor NT Deluxe Bass

Dean Razor NT Deluxe Bass – $450

Date: 2012-05-22

This was in many reviewers opinions the best sounding bass that Dean ever made. They stopped production on this model in 2001 as the company went through several changes of hands. When it was in production it was called the most comfortable, well balanced, and easiest bass to play on the market. Tonally, it is very clear and has nice mid range presence, and can achieve everything from deep and smooth, to slap bass funk, to bright and clean. The pot system allows for ultimate manipulation, there is a separate volume knob for each pickup as well as low, mid, and high eq knobs. You can really blend in just about any tone. Some added perks are neck thru design, quick release bridge, beautiful quilt maple top, and the pickups are not the stock EMG Session pickups–too grindy sounding, tonally not very versatile–but have been replaced with high quality, hand wound Bartolinni pickups. Comes with brand new DR Hi Beams installed, just had it intonated, neck adjusted, fretboard oiled, and frets dressed and polished. It’s in beautiful shape, barely used and never played live. I almost hate to sell it, but selling it will mean I’m able to pay off my dream guitar, so as I’m sure you’ll understand: it’s a necessary sacrifice! This would make an awesome gift. Come on over and take it for a spin, you won’t be disappointed! Some further details:

Top: Quilted Maple
Body: Alder
Neck: Maple/Walnut
Fretboard: Rosewood
Hardware: Gold
Neck Type: Neck Thru
Scale Length: 34
Nut Width: 1-1/2
Number of Frets: 24
Inlay: Abalone Dot
Tuners: Grover
Paint: Natural
Finish: Oil

Beginers Bass Guitar Package

Beginners Bass Guitar Package, If you or someone you know is just starting out to be a bass player,Or maybe has not fully decided if the Bass Guitar is right for you.Then you probably do not want to spend a thousand dollars on a high grade bass guitar until you are positive the Bass Guitar is right for you. Hey sometimes the thoughts are not what reality is.But you do need to get a bass that is high enough quality so you have a fair chance of learning the instrument.This is why we recommend Dean Basses,These basses are very high end for the beginner model in fact the pro models are the same body`s,And very affordable And comes with a great little practice amp.
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Dean Edge E09 Playmate Bass Guitar Package