Roscoe 5 string custom bass

Roscoe 5 string custom bass

Selling my MINT condition Roscoe 5 string bass because I am going back to playing fretless 5 strings. I have had 6 Rosceos over the years and this is outstanding. You wont be let down. Seriously looks new and has high gloss over the top finish. No nicks or dings I could find. Absolutely OUTSTANDING condition.
• High end woods — Buckey burl top, swamp ash body, pin striping laminate, I believe the fretboard is called Veeza
• Lots of upgrades like matching pickup covers + headstock + control knobs.
• Loaded with Bartolini pickups and 3 band active eq with bass, mid & treble controls changes your tone immediately on the fly. Midrange knob oulls out for dual mid frequencies.
• Scrolling pickup selector gives you any tone quickly.
• Midrange frequency knob pulls out to make it a double frequency and is critical to cut thru the mix and gives you 2 completely different mid tones when you boost the mids. The higher your mid is turned up the more the switch changes the frequency.
• Purpleheart tone bar gives stability.
• Low ultra easy action with plenty of room for slapping.
• This bass gets serious tone and any sound you want between the woods, active EQ and dual midrange knob.
• Comes with molded Roscoe case.
• Strap locks
• Selling locally so could go at any time.

Asking 4200.00

Fretless Jazz Bass custom made

Fretless Jazz Bass custom made

Beautiful instrument made by a luthier in Tigard  Oregon from Warmoth maple blanks.

The neck is perfectly shaped & the right fit for my hands which are a bit on the small side. But then the Fender Jazz Bass is so built. The pups are Bill Lawrence P90’s. The fretboard has fret markers. These are maple inset into an ebony (not ebonite) fretboard.

No wear on the fretboard at all. I used flatwound strings for about 3 years. The bass is four years old. The action is set very low. The only damage I can see is where the oiled wood is worn near the frets. My thumb sits on the wood at times.

The neck has some birds eyes in it which are visible in one of the photos. No other issues. Comes with a hard shell case. I think it’s a TKL but I’m not sure. It’s a nice one & not a cheapo.

No strap. I need it for my other basses. This really is a lovely instrument & plays beautifully. I just sold an Acoustic 360 (it was way too big for my purposes, mostly playing in church) & naturally this bass made beautiful tone, somewhat like J. Pastorius.

The bass & amp were both capable but unfortunately, the bassist was somewhat deficient in technique. Some amps will make this sound better that others. One of the best in reproducing the fretless sound is a Roland KC 500 or 550.

I’m currently using a Markbass 2X10 which has lots of great tone but reproducing the fretless sound takes some work. The guy who built mine is Mark Knowlton at knowltonguitars&basses. He has gorgeous instruments hanging from his walls (in home).

They are finely crafted, made from different woods, some hollow, & priced from about $1,000-$2,000. He’s an engineer & has great equipment (read expensive) to custom cut his wood. also has lots of different kinds of wood, including mahogany. Check his website for a nice review of his instruments. He also makes instruments to order. They all have names. My bass is named Sweet Pea.


More Custom Bass Guitars By Different builders from all over the world.

Macassar Ebony top Bass by Giffin Guitars, USA

More Custom Bass Guitars By Different builders from all over the world.

Claro Walnut 8 string Bass by Les Argoff, USA

5 string Quilted Maple Bass by Carl Smith Basses, USA

5 string HB5 Jazz Bass with quilted Maple top by CSR Guitars, USA

Custom Bass`s By Different Builders Cont.

Custom Bass`s By Different Builders Cont.

There is no way I can squeeze all these great Bass`s into one post So here is some more.

5 string Maple Bass with Birdseye Maple fingerboard by CSR Guitars, USA

Claro Walnut 5 string Bass by Lance Summey, USA

Amazing Crotch Feather Walnut Top & Back Bass by Stambaugh Designs, USA


Look at the amazing finger board on this bass by Stambaugh Designs, U.S.A. Way cool they really did a great job on this one… Wish we had more pics of each bass, But like I mentioned if you see something you like be sure to visit their sites and look them up.

Exotic Custom 4-String Fretless Bass KR guitars,

Exotic Custom 4-String Fretless Bass – $5000

Date: 2011-12-30                                                        Repeat Post


For Extremely Reluctant Sale: The Jamal Ursa Major +, 4-String Fretless Bass. $5000

This is the only one of its kind out exotic instrument made from the best acoustical & exotic woods. This Fretless Bass was created in 2007 by Vallejo, CA Luthier Kevin Robertson at KR guitars, where all the intruments are hand made with impecable attention to detail. It is signed and dated by the Creator. The action is Great. Lower than most. The Saddles & Pickups are hard mounted into the wood. The fitting of the woods together are impeccable, remarkable even. Overall the bass has a very solid and strong feel to it, and yet this bass is effortless to play. It can really only be described as hitting the pedal notes on a grand piano. This sound quality holds true all the way up to the 30th note on the G string. There are no dead spots on the finger board at all. Octaves, intervals and chords play true with incredible intonation. The notes do not crash into each other canceling each other out or becoming dissonate. The sound sustains as long as the strings are still moving. Rich/Full sound? Dark sound? Warm sound? Bright sound? Sure, all apply and more. An Instrument like this should last several life times. Think Stradivarius
The Fingerboard is cut from a fantastic highly figured sample of Snakewood..perhaps one of the finest that can be found on the planet. It would be almost, if not totally, impossible, to obtain a snakewood blank of this length and has no fills/cracks/voids, which you will find in almost all snakewood fingerboards approaching this length today. That is…if you could even find one at all (yes, its really that rare!). This piece of wood alone increases the value & singularity of this instrument many-fold as the Snakewood tree is rather small, with trunks typically ranging from 12 inches to 20 inches in diameter. The sapwood takes up a good portion of the wood, so it’s rare to find a piece that is wider than 6 inches of clear heartwood. It is also difficult to dry, and it shrinks a great deal and is prone to cracking and checking. But all that is worth it – it’s a stunning wood, with the reddish-brown color and near black figure. When paired with the gorgeously figured California Claro Walnut, it is stunning.
It is a 30 note fretless 4 string with individual scale lengths for each string.
The Body, top and back as well as the headstock overlay and cavity cover are constructed of insanely figured AAAAA Claro Walnut.
Top and Back are wonderfully book matched.
The Body Core is a superb quarter-sawn AAAAA Sitka Spruce.
The Neck-Thru Is a 7 piece construction comprised of quarter-sawn Wenge and 3 Western Flame Maple stringers.
The Truss Rod is a 2 way, double action.
The Finger Board is a fantastic piece of Snakewood (a very exotic & very rare of the hardest, densest woods on the planet).
The Heel Thickness block is composed of Western Flame Maple and Purple Heart.
The pickups are high-performance neodymium BL-4 Q-Tuners, hand made by Erno Zwaan (For more information, have a look at They are passive, are wired independantly, and each pickup has one 500k audio taper pot with it’s own output jack. This enables operation into two seperate sound systems…one for each pickup.
The Saddles and Pickups are hard mounted into the wood.
The Tuners are Gotoh.
The Bridges are ABM independant type.
All the hardware is gold and is high quality.
The finish is clear high gloss.
My purchase included a TKL case, strap locks, and adjustment tools for the truss rod, pickups and bridge saddles.

Hard times have forced us to sell this one of a kind functional work of musical art. This was my dream bass, and I know I will not ever have one like this again…it was a once in a lifetime event. While I cannot now pass it on to my son, I can at least pass it over to a good home where it will be as appreciated as it is by me. All reasonable offers considered.

For a sample of the sound, you can check it out here: or here:

Custom built 1 of a kind V bass –  Custom built 1 of a kind V bass –


Custom hand built TMW V-bass. Koa top, mahogany body and neck. It is a Gibson style set neck. Ebony fingerboard and head cap. Seymour Duncan active bass line p-bass pickup. Hipshot tuning machines.