Cort Curbow 5 string Bass

Cort Curbow 5 string Bass $200

Date: 2011-03

Here is the description from musicians friend:
The body is made of luthite and features an extended upper horn for strapped balance and a deep lower cutaway for unrestricted access to all frets. The rock-maple neck extends into the body all the way to the pickup for maximum vibration transfer. Electronics include a single, slim Bartolini passive hum-bucker wired to an active 9-volt circuit with 3-band EQ and a “slap” contour switch with adjustable bass and mid-range boost . Controls also include volume, treble cut, mid boost/cut and bass boost/cut knobs on the front. The fingerboard is made of Ebanol.


EDITORS NOTE : I Have heard Good Things About These Low Cost Cort Bass`s

Although The Body Is Made Of All Man Made Materials, No Wood ….