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Cort B4 Ltd Ed Bass Guitar

Cort B4 Ltd Ed Bass Guitar

The bass is truly remarkable and an outstanding value for any bass guitar in this price range,. Bass features a swamp ash body, a wenge (African hardwood) and rosewood neck, wenge fretboard, hipshot tuners, and Bartolini MK1 pickups and 9v active preamp. This bass has the features and quality of high end custom instrument but sells for a fraction of the cost.

Bass is in like new condition, was purchased new, and has never left my apartment. If there are any scratches or dings I have not been able to find them. Neck is straight as can be, the intonation is good, and bass plays fantastically with fairly low action. Bass came out of the box set up well (no dead spots or fret buzz) and other than swapping the strings for some stainless steel Elixir’s no work has been done. This instrument could easily be set up to suite anyone’s playing style. CORTB4.1 CORTB4.3

I’m a hobbyist player who treats his gear well. As someone who just plays a little for fun every now and then I also tend to part with gear whenever finances get tight. I’d honestly rather not part with this bass. I can honestly say that this bass equals and in some cases exceeds the quality of basses that cost three to four times as much.

Cort may not be the most well known or popular brand but they do know how to make quality instruments. Which is why many of the big manufacturers use Cort to produce their overseas budget models. I’ve read that Cort/Cor-Tek is the company that manufactures Lakland Skyline models, G&L Tribute models, some Ibanez models, and more.

These sell on the used market about 400.00