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Carvin Custom Bass

Carvin Custom Bass – $900

Date: 2011-06-28

Carvin Custom Bass

This Carvin AC50 body is extremely customized. I bought it from the custom shop a couple of years ago and got to pick out all of the features I wanted on it. It has acoustic/electric pickups, and is very light and comfortable to play. It is a five-string fretless, but it has inlayed fret designs on the neck so you make sure to hit the right notes. The strings are also wrapped in nylon. There is a turtle shell rim around the outside of its wood body. I usually consider selling one of my instruments to be a sin, but times are tough and I need the cash, and I have other basses. It comes with a hardcase, and the instrument itself has only been played in one live show. There are no scratches or dings on it at all.

Carvin Custom Bass Carvin Custom Bass