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Carlson bass guitar

Carlson bass guitar  – $250

Date: 2011-04-22

Carlson bass guitar (+ amp, stand, case, and cords) – $250

I have a Carlson bass guitar with amp, stand, soft-case, and cords to sell. The bass has not been played much and has been just sitting in storage collecting dust, so I’m sure there is someone out there who can put it to good use. Great starter set perhaps?

From Carlson’s website:

Carlson® Ib24 4 String Slim Line Intermediate Bass Guitar With Carlson® Custom Slim Line Headstock. Our ACTIVE BASS system helps keep the sound on this guitar CLEAN and PUNCHY! A comfortable lightweight body also makes this versatile bass guitar perfect for any player! This guitar features:

*Solid basswood body
*24 fret 2 Octave Rosewood Fingerboard
*Graphite nut
*5 Bolt hard maple inset neck
*1 Active Single Coil Pickups
*2 Active Split Pickups
*A-Z Intonation® custom chrome bridge
*Chrome sealed machines
*2 tone controls
*2 volume controls