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Do You Setup?



If You get to where you have more Bass`s Than Money, As I find myself quite often. And paying to have them Professionally Setup all the time Can Get Expensive, And take money that could otherwise

Be used to buy more Bass`s. HA,HA, OK  I`ll control Myself here. So the obvious Solution would be one of two answers, One   :Stop buying new Bass`s  buzz…..(wrong)     Two   :  Learn To Do Professional quality setup yourself…

ding ding  (CORRECT)…. And its not that hard to do. We already know you are good with your hands .. duh… You are A bass Player  right? So you will need a few basic tools… Here is a list.. A Ruler, the  rigid kind as oppose to any cloth or thin metal bendable type. ( like wood, thicker metal, plastic, etc ) A Set of Allen Wrenches these are the round 6 sided tools that are also used for truss rod adjustment. Phillips Screw driver,Flat or slotted head screw driver, A Electronic  Guitar Tuner . And probably most important this link , What ? You did not think I was Going to teach you how to setup your bass did you? No I Want you to learn to do this correctly. Its Pretty Easy But more important its very helpful especially if you own many Bass`s like I do….  link  Now go learn this important craft, And stop paying for high priced setups, Then Buy More Bass`s  (*!*) Setup

Well if you did indeed go to the setup link then you noticed what a good lesson that is. Very informative and extremly Valuable for any Bass Player. Now  think about how much money you are going to save and send me a check…ha ha   Just kidding of course   But really a setup costs At least where I live 50.00  To  75.00  and if you have 3 bass`s and

did each one 3 x a year Thats 500 – 600  Dollars A year just for Setups. That Equals a new Bass Guitar Every Year. That Maybe  for Cheaper Bass`s… But You Could do like I Do And Buy From The Used Market Just like The Bass`s on this site. Now you see how I think …….hmmm