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Genz Benz GBE-600 Bass Amplifier Head

bestinbassguitars.comFor sale is one Genz Benz GBE-600 amplifier head, and its attendant Genz Benz 4X10 bass cabinet.  I am selling these as a package and would prefer to keep them together.  asking 850.00


This amp is the real deal–serial # 59924, manufactured in Scottsdale, Arizona.  It comes rack-mounted in a wheeled road case with a Furman M-8 Merit Series power conditioner.  It has both tube and solid-state preamps, and can generate an impressive range of sounds.  I’ve used it exclusively for upright bass, so I have never ran it over even 50% of its potential power.  The damn thing is LOUD–it’ll run you right out of the house!  No problem getting over the loudest drummer I’ve ever played with.  I have really enjoyed the 4X10 cab, with its punchy, clear sound and more bottom end than I’ve ever needed.  The cab comes mounted on rubber wheel casters, which I consider a “must have”.  This unit has never been toured with, and has seen only moderate and careful use around town.  No drops, no rain, no beer spills, etc.  Speakon and 1/4″ outputs, with a direct DI output in back of the amp with its own level knob.  Sound guys love that one.