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Ashbory Mini Bass Customized

IMG_20140929_133837_204Ashbory Mini Bass Customized

I always wanted one of those Ashbory mini bass`s, I thought they looked really fun to play,

And the idea of the silicone rubber strings made my fingers long to play one.

But while researching these little bass`s I was taken back by the plastic

and man made materials used to build them.

So I  put off buying one just because I thought they were too cheap toy looking,

But the thought of playing one never left me,

Finally I decided the urge to play and have one of these little  thumpers

Was just too great to pass up.

Its like something I had to experience,

So after more extensive research, I found I could buy many of the parts,

The electronics that is, So I did, I did not order from Ashbury , But

instead decided to go a little higher in quality for my build.

I found a beautiful chunk of top quality Myrtle Wood for the solid body.

I built the neck out of Mahogany and Red Oak

And built it as a neck thru design. For the best tone I could get

out of my Myrtle Wood And Mahogany combo.

Then it was time for the electronics, I had always liked the sound

of the mini bass`s,  And researched the electronics they were using.

The one I settled on was the mini bass`s made by” Kala “

I was able to find out who built their electronics and I

Purchased my bridge pickup from  Shadow Electronics In Germany.

I decided  to go with a preamp built by Fishman a long standing

maker of electronics for acoustic instruments. After all

With true silicone rubber strings , The electronics had to be

Able to work  with non electro magnetic instruments like mine.

The mini bass is complete (almost ) I was sent the wrong preamp

So I had to return it and am now waiting for the right one to arrive.

I Cannot describe the feeling of building a instrument, Then

Tuning it up the first time, When low and behold

All the standard notes were right where they belong on the neck.

Its Amazing. I fashioned it after the 18 inch scale of the original

Ashbory bass  Sold by Guild Guitars in the beginning.

Along with the Rubber Strings, I know there are great sounds waiting

To come out of this little Bass, But playing  it now with out it plugged in

Is amazing it sounds like a big upright already. (cannot wait)

When the preamp arrives and I get it installed be ready for a update

With sound included. Here is what it looks like.
Custom Home Built Mini Bass