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Ashbory Bass Guitar By Fender

Anyone Ever Play one of these ? I Never played one, But I Read alot about them they have

Silicone Rubber Strings, And Only 18 INCHES  Scale Length  ….Active Piezo Bridge  ..And Sell new for about 250.00. Fender is selling them these days.

Maybe I Can give you a first hand review as I`m Trying To Buy This One Right Now.

I`ll Let You Know. Up Date the Ashbory  was sold before I could get a chance to buy it, They do not come available very often. So I`m ordering the parts and going to build my own. This should be a fun project I`ll be sure to keep you up dated on the progress.

DeArmond Ashbory Guild bass guitar

Editors Notes : These were pretty popular for quite a few years ,Then Guild took them out of production for some time, As did DeArmond then recently within the past few years if my memory serves me, Fender Jumped on board and started producing the Ashbory Bass and the strings for them and parts became available once again, And the instrument became popular once again. That’s the way it remains today built and serviced by Fender.


This is the rarely seen DeArmond Ashbory Guild bass guitar. Sounds like an upright bass due to its miniature scale and silicone strings. This is a collectible now, but its got to go. It is in pristine condition! Never even gigged. It’s gimicky, ai know, but it gets attention in any collection and is quite fun. It has its own gig bag