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Rare Late 60’s Apollo Viola Bass,

Rare Late 60’s Apollo   Viola Bass  ,




Rare Late 60’s Apollo   Viola Bass

This is a beautiful example of late 60’s vintage Apollo Hollowbody Viola bass.
These were produced in Japan in the mid to late 60’s at the same factory as Aria basses.
It has fender flat wounds on it gives it that classic sound.
Comes with a hard case.
If you Google this you will find  they are not very common.
Play it,  Hang it up as Music Art, add it to your Vintage Collection or save it for Antiques Roadshow 2050 … edition.
A great addition to a bluegrass or folk band. It  has that Hillbilly feel to it.
I was keeping this bass stashed as a collector  ( I played it a few times) but I find myself needing a better 5 string , So I need to sell this to come up with some operating cash to add to my trade in, It Kinda saddens me some.
I just need to man up ……  And Do It..
So 400.00 is fair
EDITORS NOTE : Personally I Have never seen one of these particular models of bass, Its way cool looking.  I Want to play it ,  Ampeg   It  Up To about 5 w/ the 8/10s,   Put On The Groove 
   Dam ..It      You cant own them all   …..  hmmm