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Ampeg Amp And 8 10s Speakers

Ampeg Bass Rig (8×10 and Amp/Rack Combo) – $725

Date: 2010-10


Hi guys, I’m selling my bass rig because I just don’t need it anymore. Using Smaller smarter setup now days. Included is an Ampeg 8×10 that is in heavily used condition, but perfectly functional. An Ampeg   B2R head, Korg rack tuner, Furman power conditioner (the one with the lights) and 4 space rack to house all of ’em.
This Thing will not just Shake your House A little…….. it will Shake The Street Too…..

Ampeg Vintage Reissue (VR)

Ampeg Vintage Reissue (VR) – $1200 

Date: 2011-10-23


Bought from Ampeg as a demo (I’m thinking less than 10 hrs. play time on it & the only evidence of that is dust motes) & now needing cash more than the amp. Technical info Also comes wt. 3′ new Speakon cable & manual. This amp is mint. Ampeg Vintage Reissue (VR)Ampeg Vintage Reissue (VR)

Ampeg SVT-VR Bass Amp – $2000

Ampeg SVT-VR Bass Amp
Here Is A Beautifull Working Musicians Bass Amp, Does Not Get Alot
Better, But Maybe A lITTLE
Ampeg SVT-VR Bass Amp – $2000
Early run American Made model. Mint. No problems… yes I know I’m asking just as much as a brand new one but seems to be lots of problems with the now overseas built models… you won’t have that here. Best offer?

Bergantino NV610 Bass Cab – $850
Carpet model with Factory cover. Mint. Lightly used and well cared for. Cover has some fraying at the bottom, nothing a sewing machine couldn’t clean up. Love the cab, not a complaint in the world. Just trying to free up some cash…. I can take paypal if you gotta but would rather not.