Ampeg SVT VR 70’s Vintage Reissue 300-watt tube bass amp,

Ampeg SVT VR 70’s Vintage Reissue 300-watt tube bass amp,

Date: 2011-09-07

This amp is brand-new, in the box, unused. Perfect condition. I play a Mesa Boogie Bass 400+ and don’t need two huge powerful tube bass heads, so I’m selling or trading this. From Ampeg’s press release:

The Ampeg SVT VR is a faithful vintage reissue of the highly sought-after early 1970s “blue-line” SVT head.

With the new SVT-VR, the Ampeg engineering and product development teams had one primary goal–get as close to the coveted tone of the classic SVT as possible. As a result, the preamp stage, power section, and even the rocker switches of the new SVT-VR emulate the exact signal path, tone, and vibe of the original.

The all-tube, 300W SVT-VR amplifier is driven by a total of 6 – 6550 power tubes for massive power and tone. In addition to the ’70s style dials and rocker switches, the SVT-VR’s preamp circuitry has been faithfully re-created to match the original.


2-channel preamp
6 – 6550 power tubes
Original power amp output spec and tube complement
Original preamp signal path
Original blue-line graphics and cosmetics
Original EQ rocker switches
XLR output
Slave out

This is still a current model; retail price is over $2,700.00 and the online Guitar Center discounted price is $2,100.00:

Ampeg SVT VR 70's Vintage Reissue 300-watt tube bass amp,Ampeg SVT VR 70's Vintage Reissue 300-watt tube bass amp,

Ampeg Vintage Reissue (VR)

Ampeg Vintage Reissue (VR) – $1200 

Date: 2011-10-23


Bought from Ampeg as a demo (I’m thinking less than 10 hrs. play time on it & the only evidence of that is dust motes) & now needing cash more than the amp. Technical info Also comes wt. 3′ new Speakon cable & manual. This amp is mint. Ampeg Vintage Reissue (VR)Ampeg Vintage Reissue (VR)