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Ampeg Big Stud Bass Guitar (GEB-750)

Ampeg Big Stud Bass Guitar (GEB-750)

bestinbassguitars.comVery cool vintage Ampeg Bass that is close to original. Circa 1970s Ampeg made these in Japan (some say by Tokai), essential a Fender bass knock-off with some Ampeg touches. Natural finish is in good to very good condition (particularly when you consider how old this guitar is).

The Ampeg Big Stud was an interesting point in the amp manufacturer’s history. Her body shape is familiar to anyone familiar with the competition but is accented with some period appointments. The maple neck features a bound maple fingerboard with pearloid fingerboard inlays. Dual single coils dish out big tone. Her finish is natural and is set off with a pearloid pickguard.

She is a very cool bass with a distinctive sound. The neck is straight, and the action is fast and frets have plenty of wear left on them. The pickups have a cool old school growl and thump. They are wired out of phase in the middle position.

Of note: One of the tuning pegs was replaced with a close match (before it came to me). Also, given it’s age the pickups are losing their umph. The front one is weak and intermittent (so consider it not working). The back one sounds pretty good. I haven’t replaced them in an attempt to retain as close to original condition as possible. There’s some wear in the case and some dings on the guitar — most if not all of these should be visible in the pictures.


Editors Notes : This is Just a Awesome Find even if it did not even play ! Love the Tele Look Late 1960`s -1970`s look for real   Owner Asking  $