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Ampeg Amp And 8 10s Speakers

Ampeg Bass Rig (8×10 and Amp/Rack Combo) – $725

Date: 2010-10


Hi guys, I’m selling my bass rig because I just don’t need it anymore. Using Smaller smarter setup now days. Included is an Ampeg 8×10 that is in heavily used condition, but perfectly functional. An Ampeg   B2R head, Korg rack tuner, Furman power conditioner (the one with the lights) and 4 space rack to house all of ’em.
This Thing will not just Shake your House A little…….. it will Shake The Street Too…..

Vintage Ampeg Bass Rig

1968 Ampeg BT-15C Portaflex Fliptop Bass/Guitar Amp. (B15 w/2 x 15’s) – $1250

Date: 2010-08-07

EXTREMELY RARE 1968 Ampeg BT-15C Portaflex Fliptop Bass/Guitar Amplifier. I have only seen 4 or 5 in my life. Works great. LIGHTS UP BLUE, as seen in pictures, with bass and treble clefs to point out the corresponding channels!! 2 15″ speakers. Pretty cool and unique. $1,250