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Ampeg Amp And 8 10s Speakers

Ampeg Bass Rig (8×10 and Amp/Rack Combo) – $725

Date: 2010-10


Hi guys, I’m selling my bass rig because I just don’t need it anymore. Using Smaller smarter setup now days. Included is an Ampeg 8×10 that is in heavily used condition, but perfectly functional. An Ampeg   B2R head, Korg rack tuner, Furman power conditioner (the one with the lights) and 4 space rack to house all of ’em.
This Thing will not just Shake your House A little…….. it will Shake The Street Too…..

AMP 420

Bass AMP 420(seriously)$175

Date: 2011-05-10

AMP 420
This is a 420 watt bass amp made by a company in the 80’s. The company was called AMP and the model is a 420. It sounds great and has plenty of power to power any cab you throw at it. The guy who designed and started AMP in the 80’s went on to create the company, SWR.