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Alvarez Electric Bass Guitar:

Alvarez Electric Bass Guitar:  cash sale $315.00

This is not a brand new bass guitar, but it looks like it. I always loved the looks, and sound of it. The case is of high quality, and molded fitted interior, with thick plush lining.

Alvarez Electric Bass Guitar: Plus >> Snakeskin Guitar Strap (attatched)..New & Never Used!
us >>

* Color: Satin Wood Finish
* Rosewood Fret Board
* 4-String………Has a great tone.
* Year Made: Unknown…Not new, but looks it!
* Has a great sound
* #’s on Under Neck………950091376
* Made in Korea

Alvarez Black Sturdy Hard Case:

* Molded foam (EPS), making it rugged & creats support for the neck
* 4 clip Latches , which are Chrome Plated, and 1 clip has a LOCK
* 16″ W x 51″ L
* Thick Black Lining
* Inside Stage Compartment
* Stand Up Case
* Sturdy Hard Handle