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81 Marshall superbass

81 Marshall superbass – $1450

Date: 2011-11-19


Good working cond. Great sounding amp. For guitar or Bass guitar. This amp has brand New tubes. Your choice of EL34 or 6550’s output tubes. The amp has EL34 tubes in it now. I will have to order the 6550’s if that is the tube you want to go with.
1981 is the first year of the JCM 800, last year of the JMP. So the 1981 should be more collectable.
The Model 1992 JCM 800 SuperBass 100 watt, is NOT the same amp as the JMP model 1992 SuperBass. The JMP ismore like the Super Lead amp. PLEASE, PLEASE do some research on your own(it is really not that hardtrose and then you can decide if this amp is an amp that you can handle. $1450 is the price with the tubes in. I will sell the amp without tubes for $1350 
81 Marshall superbass 81 Marshall superbass