1996 50th Anniversary American made Fender Jazz bass

50th Anniversary Fender MIA Jazz bass – $800

Date: 2012-04-03

bestinbassguitars.com. Very rare and cool Daphne Blue color, along with the tortoise shell pickguard, this is one gorgeous jazz bass. String through body, maple neck with rose fretboard.

American Jazz Deluxe Fender Bass 5 string


bestinbassguitars.comThis is my American Jazz Deluxe Fender Bass 5 string. Blood red in color.

I originally purchased it on sale at Guitar Center for $2200 and used it for several years playing church gigs. Well, time moves on and things change. I haven’t played in several years and it is time for me to let it go to someone who will love it like I have.

It is in perfect working condition, very little in the way of scratches. I’ve kept it in its case inside my house. The sound is amazeballs. Seriously, you can’t do better than Fender Jazz.