1992 Gibson USA “LPB-1” Les Paul Bass

1992 Gibson USA “LPB-1” Les Paul Bass, rare version with L-5 type “Flowerpot” pearl inlay on headstock, and “Les Paul” engraved on truss rod cover ( only made this way Late 1991 – 1993…maybe 50 or 60 made…then Gibson dropped inlay, went plainer appointments with an ugly headstock, then stopped production 1996 ) Long scale 34″ scale neck, Ebony fretboard, “TB- Plus” Pickups ( Thunderbird type ) ALL original condition, has normal player’s wear, but was taken care of, not abused…wear next to the bridge P/U, where the thumb goes, is the biggest wear…and isn’t much ( see close up detail photo )…Nice feeling wide “C” shaped neck…”Heritage Cherry Red” color, No repairs, cracks, issues….It is now 22 years old, hardly any were made, and is considered undervalued…this is VERY cool, and quite scarce, for the $$$….It will go up in value, absolutely…bestinbassguitars.combestinbassguitars.combestinbassguitars.combestinbassguitars.com