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1991 Fender MIM P-bass

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1991 was the first year of issue for Fender’s Mexican-assembled line of basses and guitars and this is a fine example of one of the earliest models. The color is Candy Apple Red and the body wood is alder.

The body is lightweight and comfortable.

The pickups are genuine Fender grey-bottom pickups from 1966. They sound pre-CBS and amazing. Currently, grey bottoms are selling on eBay for well over a grand.

The neck is flamed top to bottom and very thin front to back. It is 1 5/8 inches at the nut and super comfortable to play. Notice the truss rod adjustment screw is on the neck butt and not on the headstock. For MIM instruments this is extremely rare and a dead giveaway this bass is one of the very first Fenders from south of the border. An added bonus is that the fret board is a beautiful rosewood and a slab board.

The pickguard is 4-ply real tortoise. A 4-ply mint green pickguard is included with the bass, giving you a choice of two different looks for the body. The earliest Fender custom color basses came with tort guards. Later they went to mint green.

The tuners are Schaller and smooth as butter.

The decal on the headstock is from the late 1960s, the historic “TV” decals Fender used up to 1976.