1987 Ibanez Road Star

1987 Ibanez Road Star II bass (RB850) – $230

Date: 2011-10-04

Up for sale is my 1987 Ibanez Road Star II bass (RB850). People who know about these older Ibanez basses love them and with good reason. They play and sound great!! It has active electronics. The bass has new strings and has been professionally set up and the intonation is strobe tuned and the action is superb! It’s a pretty color called ‘Deep Wine’ meaning it is black with a burgundy or purple outer burst. It’s been lovingly played and has some indentations on the front and one paint chip on the back, but it still looks cool. It has a Fender gig bag with it.

1987 Ibanez Road Star1987 Ibanez Road Star