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1982 Fretless Ibanez Musician Bass

1982 Fretless Ibanez Bass

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1982 Ibanez Musician Bass Guitar, MC924 model I believe. The bass is in good condition, has a few dings around the edges, but is still a good looking instrument.

I had a local luther convert it to fretless, he replaced the frets with brass wire. He did a nice job, and it looks very professional. Plays great as a fretless, just didn’t turn out to be my sound.

This is a deluxe instrument, Velvetune BII tuners, mother of pearl fret markers, 5 ply neck that runs through the bass, P and J type pickups, fader pickup control, 9 volt active bass/mid/treble eq, and a massive bridge.

Other than the fret job (original frets are included), the bass is stock. It’s strung with Rotosound flatwounds. Non-original hardshell case that’s included is in great shape.