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1971 Plush P1000S Tube Head

1971 Plush P1000S Tube Head – $425

Date: 2011-10-05

100w 1971 P1000S in very good condition. Recently serviced in Portland and has new Ruby and JJ tubes, 3 prong power cord and caps replaced. It has had about 1 hour of use since and has been stored in my smoke free studio. This is a hand wired point to point 100watt tube amp with Reverb and Vibrato. Huge trannys and beefy chasis. Very high quality componants and build. Same circuit as a Fender Showman Reverb. 2 channels, 4 inputs, volume, bright, treb, mid,
bass controls. Foot switch for verb and vibrato. Stand by switch, recording and slave amp outputs.

This is fantastic hand built tube amp that is in perfect operating condition. You don’t need caps or tubes. You don’t need to install a 3 prong cord or search for a footswitch. It’s all here ready to go. You can also remove the 2 outer power tubes and go 50 watts if you like.

This is a great head for Electric  Bass Guitar  and is LOUD! Works great1971 Plush P1000S Tube Head for as well as guitar.1971 Plush P1000S Tube Head