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Vintage Fender Bassman 135 amplifier

Vintage Fender Bassman 135 amplifier + Bassman 100 4×12 speaker cabinet (“pyramid” soundboard). Incredible, close to MINT condition. Fantastic studio piece. Powerful enough to gig with, though I’d never take it out of the house it’s so nice! Comes with original Manual and schematic (as well as a bound copy), and a 12 gauge speaker cable.

Bassman 135s were made between 1977 and 1983. This head+cab is an original pairing, having never been separated since new. Has 2 bass instrument inputs and 2 normal inputs, “deep” and “bright” switches, and, best of all, a master volume. Recent checkup by Andy at Revamp in LA. He’s a top-notch tech. This bass rig is in excellent working condition and sounds amazing!

One of the great tube bass amplifiers!

These units are what everyone of the era just had to have, Basically before all the solid state and transistor units came along you could only get these great tube amps if you wanted the big sound. Now people would die to have this vintage sound, These are very hard to find in such well taken care of condition,

Because the gigging musicians back in the day were not known for being careful with equipment, Or the guys (Roadies) who were hired for almost no pay  to load and unload all the gear. Always late at night usually in darkness the cabinets and amps really took some beatings, That’s why they are hard to find in good condition like these.

1970’s Vintage Fender MusicMaster Bass

Early 1970’s Vintage Fender MusicMaster Bass – $700

Date: 2012-02-01

Early 1970’s Vintage Fender MusicMaster Bass

MusicMaster bass dating between 1971-74. The neckplate features the Fender “F” and has a serial number of 277810. All original parts including the original telecaster pickups, making this a very unique bass. Great to use as a piccalo bass. A straight neck, beautiful natural finish and working electronics make this a great bass for collector or regular player. A few dings and scratches. Most significant wear being one scratch on the back and gouge on the fingerboard, documented in the pictures.

70`s music master bass70`s music master bass70`s music master bass