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1960s Lyle Hollowbody Bass Guitar

1960s Lyle Hollowbody Bass Guitar


This rare 1960s Lyle hollowbody electric bass guitar has been kept in excellent condition. For its age, this bass shows surprisingly few signs of wear. Its gorgeous deep walnut finish is completely intact with no major chips, dings, or scratches. There are no signs of pitting on the chrome hardware. The white binding around the body and along the edges of the neck is flawless. And all adjustable parts are clean, well cared for, and remain fully adjustable.

This is a player’s bass too, not just a collectible. This Lyle has impressively low action, 3/32 of an inch at the 12th fret, with no fret buzz on the higher frets. Such low, playable action is difficult to achieve on vintage hollowbody basses and is therefore rarely encountered. It also has a very thin and fast neck. I’m not kidding when I say it plays like butter. It’s obvious that this bass was maintained by someone who really knew what they were doing. What’s more, this bass delivers a wide variety of rich tonal variations thanks to its dual single coil pickups and three-way pickup selector switch. You must hear it to appreciate it!

This instrument is also a piece of Oregon history. Lyle hollowbody basses like this one were modeled after similar Gibson basses of the period. More importantly, they were produced at the now infamous Matsumoku factory in Japan, and distributed nationally by L. D. Heater Music Company of Beaverton, Oregon.

Don’t miss out on this prize Oregon collectible that just also happens to be a sweet sounding and playing bass. I’ll also throw in a String Swing wall-mount guitar hangar, so you can mount this gorgeous bass on your wall when you’re not rockin’ it.
$575 firm.