The Bass Players Buyers Guide

Bass Players Buyers GuideThe Bass Players Buyers Guide

If We wanted to purchase A new Bass Guitar today. What would we look for?

What are the options we would want or not want?

What Price can we be expected to pay, for the options we decide we want?

And Finally what brand name of Bass Guitar should we consider?

Are There any brands we should rule out?

These are all good basic questions anyone who is looking to buy a new Bass Guitar

today and did not already know exactly what type or brand they need or want would

be looking for the answers too. In this article lets examine these questions and try to

shed a clear bright note on this subject.


Options go hand and hand with needs.

What are your needs or desires,

I know personally my desires are sometimes more than my needs can afford at the time I need too.

So we need to be realistic with our own personal budgets

in mind.

If you are a beginning Bass Guitar player ,You are going to want something with enough good quality craftsmanship to make it easy and

enjoyable to learn the instrument.

What I mean by this is you do not want to buy a very cheap inferior bass guitar with a twisted neck ,or loose unglued

parts or obviously shoddy craftsmanship.

But at the same time you don’t

want to spend two months pay on a instrument you might not like learning how to play well.

So that leaves us somewhere above the worst imaginable quality and

for the very cheapest price available.

But below the custom made with gold plated hardware models that

some of the pros get by special order.

This leaves a huge area than we need to try to make smaller and to

get this done we can go by brand names for a little bit and thin the

process down a lot.

When I Started playing the electric bass guitar

I Bought a popular brand name bass,

But I bought it on the lower

Quality scale for that brand, And I think a lot of bass players started

out this way,

And there are many brands on the market that

could easily fill this area of the market.

One that quickly comes to mind

is “Ibanez,” They happen to make very good instruments,

And are even a little famous for the playability of their bass guitar necks.

Also they fit our market niche because they do make very affordable

Bass Guitars with the kind of Quality we can trust to be able to learn

to play the bass guitar properly.

So there is one brand I would definitely have a look at.

Another Brand I would consider looking at is “Yamaha” a lot like Ibanez in the

Ranges of prices and type of Quality we could depend on and trust.

Both of these Bass Guitar builders I would recommend highly.

Now there really are many and if I do not mention a certain brand does not mean That its not suitable,

Simply I do not have the information or more

likely do not have the space or time in this report to mention them all.

Fender Bass Guitars also offer some less expensive models ,

Just to be understood some of these companies might

only supervise the actual building of the bass’s mentioned

but have enough faith in the quality

of the materials and the craftsmanship going in to each Bass Guitar,

That they have in fact put their names on the instruments.

This is true of the “Fender Squire” Bass Series. And some models of “Ibanez”

These very affordable Bass’s have a huge following,

And some are truly die hard Squire and Ibanez owners That prefer them over any other Bass.

And For good reason,These Bass’s are well made, Ibanez

Bass’s are well known for the playability of their Bass necks, Being easy to play without fatigue.

There are many Clubs online groups dedicated to just these Bass Guitars.

And A Simple Google search should yield you a lot of usable information. From Bass Guitar forums or groups websites.

The Squire Bass has a just as a Faith full Following, Going Back to When “Squire” Was its own brand.

Always has been much better than the bottom of the list type Bass.

These bass’s are Better than a lot of the real expensive models, In other ways also. You can actually afford to buy one.

There are other Bass Guitars that fall in this category as in quality and playability score goes.

Infact there are so many one does not know where to begin, The best way is have a look at the different shops,

Different shops like to specialize in brands they are choosing to promote,

Which can carry great deals, Some of these brands are local to a area,

Or even a country,But its hard to find a brand a music store is spot lighting or promoting,

And have it to be junk,

That just would not be good business.

So those are usually very high quality and affordable.

Pick out all the basses you can truly afford, Then start playing the one you like the most.

(Get some help from the store personal just tell them your plan,

They will totally understand.) Then Play the one that is your second choice,on down the line,

If you can not do it all in a day then you will have to come back,

But if you plan it out you can get it done in one setting.

Really Concentrate on how the bass plays. Pay close attention to how your hands feel on the fret board,

That’s Where they will be all the time.

Now Before You Start.

Be aware that most all music stores do not keep a strap on any of their display models. And you are going to need to bring a Bass Guitar Strap along with you.

If you don’t have a strap, plan on buying one, Here is Why ..

I never play with out a strap,And that does not mean that’s what you have to do. Even when I play while sitting I have the strap on. I’ll tell you why ..

You might not have ever experienced the heart felt pain that comes with dropping a Bass Guitar to the ground or hard floor.

Very few things could make me feel worse 🙁

Pick out a strap that feels comfortable,They come in just about every fabric or material you can name. But The wide flat ones have been the best for comfort too me. Remember to pick out one you like too look at ,You will do alot of that

Because countless Thousands of hours of Practice more Practice lessons Jamming , Traveling, And Gigging await you if you are to succeed,

And this leads into another subject, About the person and the musician.

It can be alot of fun to play music,Lots of happy people around you, because they see you when they are Celebrating, Dancing and Enjoying .

But for the serious musician reality early on can be a life of cramming all you can into what seems like too small a space ,That has 4 wheels and a driver and a trailer ,Then put every one into it and live this way for days or months.

This can be a challenge on any relationship, So how to cope ?

Its part of paying the dues to go thru the struggle to be heard

Just try not to be the 900 pound Gorilla in the room, It seems it really helps to be someone people like and trust,And can count on.

I Have noticed that successful musicians ,Are the ones that other people enjoy working with , or they would have no real success . The music business is real hard to run by yourself . Its easy to please people in this business if you do only two things ,Well actually three. The Rest is just part of life. First Know your instrument ,That gains alot of clout and respect. Second this might sound strange but you will get it some day,… Be On Time ..

Third Play Your Music, Jam, Practice, Play every day.

And you will never look for work, People will come to you,And you could end up very successful. Many have many still do.

And they do what they like,Willing to get through the hard tuff times ,no matter how long it may take, Rewards or no Rewards, Free or Paid dont ever quit playn.. Be happy and live long..

back to serious :

We need to touch on Posture How you stand hold and play your bass,To insure a long career in the music business you need to learn a couple things about taking care of yourself, We already touched on needing a strap for our Bass.

But we did not talk about how to use it.

Everyone knows how cool it looks to play a bass guitar when its hanging at or below our knees. But I really do not think that is the proper adjustment for maximum results. You should play your bass where of course you can reach every note. But you need to be aware of a couple little things that will keep you from injury and give you a long playing life. You need to hold your bass so that your back is fairly straight ,Shoulders back as much as comfortable,And your bass should be at a height that it would not matter if you were standing or sitting it would be the same, Ideally your left arm (for righty`s reverse this for lefty`s) should be slightly bent at the elbow,And your thumb kinda sticking straight out, your thumb on your fretting hand should be in just about in the middle of your bass neck on the back side,No other part of that hand should touch the neck ,besides your fingers on the notes. If you could hold your hand about like you were trying to hitch hike,This is what your fretting hand position should resemble.

Once you get a feel for where your bass guitar hangs on your body,You will surely adjust and tweak these settings for your own style,But sticking to the basics,Will give you some where to start building on. Be sure to raise and lower your strap to get the correct slight bend at the elbow.

Now hopefully you have found your Bass Guitar.

What Next?

I Recommend buying the basic starter bass guitar lesson book with a DVD, So You can

Watch and play along. Even if you plan to take lessons from a professional teacher.

And here is why I recommend this. When starting out there are certain things you must learn at first.

Like tuning,Replacing strings ,care and maintenance of your Bass Guitar.

These things are important to know, However I feel you can easily learn these things by reading and watching a well made video,On your own time and avoid paying a expensive instructor,To teach these Basic skills.

Save your paid instructor time for more important learning skills that will really advance your playing.

And your instructor will probably like the idea that you know,Some basics like which strings are E,A,D,G,

Before you even see him-her. This will save you money and boost your confidence in helping you get started in the right direction.

After you learn all your strings names,And what notes they represent,It will now make much more since to you when a instructor tells you what note to play on which string.

And if you have decided to learn on your own,That’s great not a impossible challenge. Infact when starting out it might be faster to get up to speed on your own,

As opposed to a One lesson a week schedule.

As you can move ahead quicker as you use your free time to practice your lessons.

When you complete your first lesson book,Time to move on to the next level.

Always save your old books for reference just in case you find you have forgot certain parts of the lessons.

One more thing about Lessons, It helps alot if you get your new

Bass Guitar instructor to allow you to bring a small tape recorder to your lessons. Just try to reassure your instructor ,The lessons are only for you.

As to stop any worry that you might share or market the lessons.

Most instructors have put alot of time in school,Training, And lessons of their own,And might worry about getting properly Compensated

For Their teaching efforts. But this will greatly improve what you are getting out of the lesson experience. As it makes it possible for

you to go back over the lesson material you have recorded,Once you get back home,And Puts a end to repeat lessons,

that you possibly have forgot even before you get home from your lesson.

Please note not all instructors are going to go along with the recording of your lessons Idea.

Only the most confident of instructors,Or the ones you know better personally. But it never hurts to ask,And It helps Really alot.

Just be sure not to violate any trusts or promises.

I have just about taken you as far as possible on this subject.

Be sure to play at least everyday.

You have to or… Somebody Else will.

Always Move Forward The Best Is Yet To Come.

And Be Sure To Visit The

For your ongoing info about being a BassPlayer.

Or just stay caught up..



Just A Note : For professional Musicians its easy to get taken advantage of in this business, Dont know why but it seems to be more rampant that most professions. Maybe because back in the old days,Alot of Musicians were uneducated  young and poor, Alot of them grew up in the depression, and the family life survived on very little. Alot of Musicians left home at early ages just to get a better life, And take some of the burden away from the parents, Just providing food and clothing back in the depression days,was very difficult. Alot of times Music talent Managers would offer talented Musicians,  What would amount to peanuts compared to what the talent was bringing in for the managers. It was very common for some great musicians back in the day to get very little for their hit songs, or performances, Sometimes not much more than daily food and lodging in pretty low class places is all the working musician would get.

This was not like this for everyone, But a very high percentage of musicians lived this way for years and years. Some even retiring from the business so broke they could not even pay rent on a room. While the fast talking managers lived high on the hog, just because the talent they managed drew big crowds of spending fans who bought records, And paid for live shows.And purchased merchandise associated with their favorite singing star. Or favorite song.

Even Clothing Lines were styled after musicians, Hairstyles, Shoes, Drinks, And most of this was without compensation or very little for the working musician. A Sad but true story for a lot of talented Musicians, Many played years in backup bands, only to be too poor to care for themselves, in later years, Some even living on the streets broke.

Dont let this happen to you. Protect yourself plan now for your future. By clicking on the link below you can get blank contracts for every job a musician might perform, Song Writing, One Night Gigs, Studio Playing , Everything you can think of,  That involves being a musician , Get it in Writing. click this banner below.

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