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Steinberger Spirit XZ 5 Bass Guitar

MIK Spirit in brilliant red sunburst. Really great condition, Steinberger Spirit XZ 5


there is maybe 1 or 2 small dings on the body, and a small scratch on the back of the neck at the 12th fret, otherwise it’s clean as a whistle. Steinberger Spirit XZ 5

Neck and frets are good. These are getting harder to come by. Great for the bassist tired of a heavy axe. Steinberger Spirit XZ 5

I replaced the rather weak stock pickups with a set of EMG 35HZ passive soapbars with rings, at the same time I installed an Elek-Trix Jazz blender wiring harness – master volume/blend/tone.


 Steinberger Spirit XZ 5 The tone pot has dip switches that can be adjusted to 9 different cap values. They are set up as humbuckers but single coil wiring is possible. A nice set of 3 Jazz bass type knobs add to the upgrade.

Decca Bass Guitar 1960s

Here is a crazy looking old Decca bass guitar from the 1960’s.decca bass guitar



It was made in Japan and I suspect it was made by the same folks who made the Teisco Del Rey guitars and some other imports from that era.decca bass headstock



It features two pickups with rocker switches and controls for volume and tone. It has a plastic guard and a chrome control plate.decca front view


As you can see the finish shows some small scratches, nicks and dings but nothing terrible. There is a section of missing binding on the bass side of the fingerboard from the nut to the 5th fret or so  One tuner is changed.decca bass back


The neck is REALLY chunky but still comfortable and the small frets are in good shape. Both pickups work and have good output. The bass plays and sounds good for an early import,decca bass case


and it definitely looks cool. So while it may not replace your Fender or other more modern bass it’s still fun to play and eye catching

Fender Kingman Acoustic Bass

This is an awesome sounding acoustic bass! I am a recording engineer/record producer and I bought this for a record I was working on.



Fender Kingman Acoustic Bass model SCE -3TS




We used it one day in the studio and we no longer need it now that the record is done.kingman headstock


If your looking for a screaming acoustic bass that you can actually hear ,Pick up one of these if you can find one that is .. kingman bass back side





a great sounding acoustic bass.