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1996 Warwick Fortress Masterman 5 String Bass

 a beautiful 96 German made Warwick Fortress Masterman 5. This beautiful bass guitar features a 2 piece flamed maple body,


Wenge neck and fretboard, Just-a-Nut I adjustable Brass nut, Twin Jazz MEC pickups with active preamp (bass + treble boost and cut for each pickup),


Gold hardware, and that signature Warwick craftsmanship, playability and sound! The neck has been freshly sanded and oiled and new nickel strings and a complete setup have been performed.


The tone is growly and musicman stingray – esque with a surprising amount of versatility in the preamp

What`s Not To Love ?

warreck back

G and L Asat Bass Guitar

If it’s your time to step up to a dream instrument, one to look at long and hard is the G&L ASAT electric bass guitar. It combines hand construction, cutting-edge technology, and a vintage vibe that just won’t quit.


The butterscotch finish is so sweet you want to eat it.

The hardware and tuners are higher quality than you will find on any other Fender Bass. made of aluminum and steel so very light and strong.

The pickups on the ASAT  are another Leo Master Mind, his last patented pickup. Each has a set of two pole pieces for each string, and they are adjustable to allow for an even  tone across  all the the strings.

You can switch them up for  parallel or series which is really cool to have both not just one or the other.

asat 2 colors





Leo Fender and George Fullerton launched G&L in 1980, the culmination of a long career of creating world famous guitars and basses. The G&L Bass`s are truly Leos best work. if you want a bass that represents the very best of Leo Fender, look to G&L.You might say Leo saved the best for last.

1984 Squier Bullet Bass

1984 Squier Bullet Bass Made in Japan

amazing Squier (by Fender) Bullet Bass. These are extremely nice instruments and they were made in the fabled Japanese Fujigen plant that pumped out all of the excellent early Squier stuff.squire bass

squire neck


The neck on it is just sublime. Super fast 30″ scale. In good shape over all for a 33 year old instrument.squire head

The bass is setup up with low action / La Bella strings.

squire strings

I bought some Nordstrand NM4 bass pickups ($80) to give it some extra punch and I will include those with the basssquire serial number

You MAY have to widen the pickguard to drop these in but they should work with the existing routing just fine.squire pick guardeValued at 475.00  hey its old school Japanese ..

Epiphone Accu – Bass

1987 ‘Epiphone by Gibson’ Hockey Stick Headstock Rock Bass (sometimes called an Accu-Bass) made in Koreaepiphone rock bass

White body, maple neck, bone nut, very nice shape. Paint looks good, very few small dings.epiphone rock bass headstock

Neck is very nice, no dings at all, very little to no fret wear. Nice action. New bone nut and strap locks.Bass plays well  the only  Epiphone I have seen that says Gibson on it.epiphone bass guitar