Ampeg AMUB-1 fretless 4-string electric bass

Ampeg AMUB-1 fretless 4-string electric bass. Called the “Scroll Bass”. AMUB-1 stands for Ampeg Magnetic Unfretted Bass series 1.


Ampeg built about 200 AMUB-1 basses during the late 1960s. 000210 represents the serial number of this instrument.

Rick Danko of the group The Band played the same model of bass.

ampeg bass2

Bruce Johnson at told me that Ampeg likely made the bass pictured here for a Trade Show exhibit or as a Presentation Model for an executive. He NEVER before saw this model of the bass in the color white.

ampeg head

I touched this bass for the first time 40 years ago. The Ampeg stayed in the case for many years before I recently purchased the instrument. The seller did not play the bass.

ampeg bridge

The AMUB-1:

extremely rare and collectable
virtually unplayed except for very little by me – I play a 5-string bass.
100% original
50 years old
easily rates 9.6 out of 10 cosmetically
rates 10 out of 10 electronically
two controls: tone and output volume
magnetic pickup with four individual coils wired in humbucking configuration
semi hollow body with thru-body F holes
scroll head with giant tuning machines
ebony finger board in 10 out of 10 condition

ampeg body
four new strings
recent set up by David King of
original plush lined factory hard shell case in 9.5 out of 10 condition

ampeg back
original Allen wrench tools included
new clutch head screw driver for bridge screws included (not shown)
mail-in envelope included (note the 12 cents postage)

Cash price: $7500.

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