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I  Am  A Bass Player and I  Love

bass guitars all bass guitars, And all bass sounds.   I have left behind me quite a pile of blown speakers, I`m the guy who turns up the bass on everything,The car radio the T.V. everything the bass has to be there to not just hear but I want to feel it. I  Thought this might pass as I got older ? Not a chance……

And I even like to just look at Bass`s, So I Started to catalog the bass`s I was looking at.  This site is basically that catalog. And I thought it might be helpful to  others in case others are as weird as I am about this passion. Well there are others in fact I  have taken on a couple of partners, You will read their postings from time to time.

Best In Bass Guitars

And one thing About our fast movers category These are Bass`s for sale we run across, And they are fresh,

If you see one you like shoot us a email or comment on the site, And we will do our best to put you in touch with the Bass of your dreams. (No Charge From Us Of Course) You Will Have To Move Fast And we will too. Sorry No Guarantees….

One More Thing, If You Would Like To Contribute To this site, Like Pictures Or Stories , Articles, We Welcome you to apply send a email or comment on the site we encourage this participation  You can email your inquiries to

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From Time To time we may get special offers from some sites we sponsor, Like Lesson Books , Special Bass Tabs,Even Really Cool Free Trials on software,You Would Not Believe The Offers We Get.

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