About BestinBassGuitars

About BestinBassGuitars

sound is  low range —
you’re  of the rhythm…..
The Heart-Beat
Of  Music….
Without You
Music Fails To Live … 

a rhythmic
The groove
playing jazz,
punk, country, pop,
heavy metal,
or any
Its All You
Nobody Can Touch You
You Are The Bass







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“We are all about bringing you the Best Bass Guitar Info online, With Very Clear And detailed Color Photos of some of the most beautiful Bass Guitars In The world. Hundreds of different bass guitars new, used, vintage, with info and pictures of amplifiers, Speaker Cabinets, New And Used, And Prices of what you can expect to pay for these items on the Open Used and New Markets
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The Series Is Called Life In The Bass Lane  .. just look out for the title


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