5 thoughts on “2004 Schecter Baron-H 4 string Bass Guitar

    • We Certainly will thanks for visiting our site.I have made a reminder for us to keep our eyes open for you, And sent it to our part time associate writers who help out sometimes with posting on this site.The more people searching the better.ThePlayer

    • Thanks for visiting our site,Unfortunately We get alot of inquiries about older posts,This being one that was listed back in may 2011.
      We do not delete older posts as we are still adding to our data base.But sorry to say that schecter is long gone.

    • Alot of inquiries for this schecter bass and I See why it is a very cool looking bass,Thats all I know as I have never played one Myself. But love the way it looks.And Schecter`s are very reliable and have a reputation for high quality instruments.

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