2002 Fender Custom Shop Classic Jazz Bass

2002 Fender Custom Shop Classic Jazz Bass – $1600

Date: 2011-06-19

2002 Fender Custom Shop Classic Jazz Bass

This is a Fender Custom Shop Classic Jazz IV bass. Light, active, trully superb high end jazz bass. I am an original owner. Its been my main instrument for 4 years. But I mostly play 5-string now so this one has been in a case for a while. A brand new is around $2400. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to buy a high end professional intrument locally instead of buying it online without actually seeing it, I may consider a trade for a right 5-string Sadowsky, Lakland, or Mike Lull bass. If your bass is more expenssive I will pay the difference. I would also consider a trade for a Musicman Stingray or Modulus Flea bass (4 string).
$1600 OBOcustom shopjazzEditors Note Compare this Bass with that last post the 60`s jazz for 400.00? how many differences do you obviously note? That is with out playing it.

custom jazz

jazz bridge

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3 thoughts on “2002 Fender Custom Shop Classic Jazz Bass

  1. It Does Have Active Passive Pull Push I talked to the previous owner hence the word previous its sold sorry. But thanks so much for checking us out.
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  2. This is a great bass. 21 frets, which is rare for Fender basses, and nitro-finish, I believe. Does it have a slim neck, and does it have the active-passive option that some of the custom classics have?

    Would love to see it / play it. Possibly interested in buying. But there’s no contact information on this page…

    • I Am unable to contact The Owner of this Bass,That Could mean a couple of things, One : Its Sold, Or Two : has not been around to check the emails I Sent,And maybe he will still respond. If He Does I`ll let you know O.K.
      ThePlayer -(*!*)-

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